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About Us

PT. ESAPRATAMA INDONESIA was founded in Jakarta in late 2012 and engaged business on Industrial Supply and Services. PT. ESAPRATAMA Management is committed to all candidates and customers that it is a facility of a competent business partner in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

To achieve that goal, the management has done a few important things in the beginning of this company by providing a company profile in order to share company line business information.

Good human resources who have good and high knowledge in each field will make the company operation easier. Experienced resources and high knowledge in their respective fields will facilitate the operation of the company. Operated by staffs who have good skill and are professional will greatly assist our customers in solving all technical and commercial issues that will continuously improved by enlightening and training employees in accordance with their respective fields.

Cooperation with various manufacturers, vendors, suppliers and service providers either standardization & certification as well as consulting services and have been done technically and developed continually in order that we can immediately accommodate any of customer needs with maximum quality.

Legality of the company is the first step we’ve done in accordance with the provisions and rules applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Finally, we, PT. ESAPRATAMA INDONESIA management are looking forward to your information, our candidate’s customers who need our products or services.

Our Values

- Always keeping and improving the quality of products, engineering and procurement services, and activities in production efficiency, safety and development business keeping continuously
- To make this profitable company so that in a short time will be able to prosper the employees and the owners

VISION:To be a one stop total solution company that provides quality industrial material, equipment and services which exceed the expectations of our customers.


What we offer


Attached with the knowledge of right or wrong, the ability to avoid mistakes and willingness to always learn to be the development of technology and science


Have an understanding that every employee PT. ESAPRATAMA INDONESIA have the spirit to go forward, a sense of responsibility any strong desire to always take the initiative and develop themselves as employee who from time to time to increase their competence.


Management of PT. ESAPRATAMA INDONESIA very concern on safety, health and environment in every process of work performed, we always provide knowledge to every employee how to carry out the work safely and efficient.


Listening to customer, identify and exceed their expectations, anticipate their needs in the future. Have meaning to adjust what we do and how we do it in accordance with customer’s expectation.


Management of PT. ESAPRATAMA INDONESIA ensures that any of its products will be in accordance with the quality standards specified in the Contract and specifications which have been approved. It is expected that with the monitoring process of experienced technical team, the customer will be satisfied.


Know and understand how business work, how the principle of creating an taking opportunities, manage the risks, take initiative, quick and responsive to business opportunities, understand the consequences of gains and losses in the short and long term.

Our Customer

PT. Jurong Engineering Lestari

Botanica Apartement


Sigur ros



MC energy

PT.Raga Perkasa Ekaguna

PT. Istech Resources Asia

PT. Winston Indonesia

Our Product

Machinery and Tools

Lifting / Rigging Equipment

Piping System

Mechanical Equipment



Consumable Parts


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